Parents' Corner

From bath to swimming pool! Learning to swim is a vital life-long skill.


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We are passionate about giving you guidance to help you teach your child to swim in a safe and positive way. We offer a number of services which will support you and your child to do just that. 

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Mini Water Adventurers in a nutshell

Our Learn 2 SWIM programme has been uniquely designed, not only to support your child in learning to swim but also, uses the water, to create a different sensory environment in which they can safely explore; boosting their brain development and strengthen their bodies.

Every session is jam packed with fabulous activities and fun adventures to help your inquisitive baby or toddler explore the water in a safe way. We aim to keep your baby or toddler happy, busy, motivated, interested and excited to learn. Join our exciting world of magic and adventure –there is always something new and wonderful to look forward to!


What does S.W.I.M stand for? 

SENSORY - Experience harmonious activities that allow all of your child's senses to explore, play, discover and learn. Create many magical memories during your swim sessions by engaging those 7 senses and making sense of the world together.

WATER - A playground of fun. We take traditional dry land activities and refine them for the pool. Water is a powerful conductor of energy, feelings and emotions. It is also important to learn to be respectful of the water in order to be safe and confident.

INTERACTION - enhance communications and bonding between you and your child. Slow down and embrace this time together to become attuned and aware of each others state of mind and body. 

MOVEMENT - Watch and be mindful of your child's natural movements. Develop everyday skills needed in life by using the unique power of the water. The more we move, the more we learn.

Mini Water Adventurers brings music and singing, and basic sign language which are also very important in the learning process. 

MUSIC & SINGING - Research shows that exposure to music can improve children’s ability to learn. Singing favourite nursery rhymes and popular songs open up the pool for creativity and fun experiences.

SIGN LANGUAGE - Teaching your child to sign gives them the tools to express their needs, lowers their frustration levels, improves your bonding and makes them feel included in their learning process.