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Themed boxes bursting with fun activities and creative play items for children aged 2-5 to keep your little ones entertained for hours.

Little girl playing with the flora and fauna wooden toys
Flora and fauna wooden toys, flowers, ladybirds and butterflies

High-quality small world play items and props hand-picked by educational experts to keep your little ones captivated for hours on end!

How it works

Choose your themed box

1. Select a themed box from our range of boxes - fun is just a click away

Receive your bizi box

2. We send your little one lots of creative items to enjoy at home

Have an EPIC time

3. Enjoy all the wonderful hand picked items for hours of endless enjoyment

Why EPIC Bizi Boxes?

Choose from the many different themed boxes which keep your child "bizi" with lots of varied creative toy items. 

Add a variation of sensory elements to enrich their play.

Perfect for water play and bath time too!


Small world play

Encouraging small world play, using miniature items giving children the opportunity to act out experiences which occur in real life. Children are using their imaginations to be creative like no other play.


Imaginary play

Lots of play-based learning activities and items to support re enact stories they are familiar with. Many sensory elements can be added to enrich their rich time of learning.

What others say about the Bizi Box

Joanne Soul
from Droitwich, UK

The contents were awesome! So much in there to do, still making our way through it all 2 weeks on. My son didn't want to get out the bath and he wants to bath each night to play with the items ❤️
I love the games, ideas and creative crafts, so much more than just in the bath box. 

Emma Marland
From Catshill UK

It was very exciting opening our box and both kids loved it and the activities and have spent more time in the bath over the last month than ever I think.

Nicola Deacon
from Bromsgrove, UK

So much thought has gone into these boxes! Thank you for creating them Helen Hughes - I’m looking forward to getting ours as much as S.

Take a look at our fabulous little explorers

Frog on lillies Spring Garden box 2022_edited

Sensory play

Bathtime fun

Water play

Creating spring flowers

Playing with the handmade bath play dough.

Creating a sensory experience

Enjoying the various items in the Garden box

What's inside the box

Our bath buddy - the clown fish

Water play

Water play with the toys

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