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An online resource for parents and swimming teachers that are looking for some creative ideas and inspiration for their swimming lessons.

You will find our uniquely designed Orca Swim Trainer, swim education courses, learn to swim activities, songs and lessons ideas, and equipment for all your swimming teaching needs in one place.


The Orca Swim Trainer - Swimming aid

The benefits:

  • Helps your child build their confidence and encourages them to be independent in the water quicker

  • Supports your child to swim more swiftly in a natural swimming position

  • Increases your child's strength and stamina so they can practice their skills for longer

  • Designed by a swimming teacher with nearly 30 years experience

  • Your child's safety is our number one priority. The Orca has been awarded the European safety standard BS EN 13138-1:2008.


Order yours TODAY. 

Prices starting from £38.


Swimming lessons

Swim Teachers and Owners

We enjoy working with you to support you build your business and create exciting and dynamic lessons using the latest pedagogic and scientific theories.

We offer:

  • Themed lesson ideas, activities and games

  • Free EPIC webinars

  • 6-week online SWIM course

  • VIP sessions and 121s

What People say

Michelle Darlington -

Swim Instructor

Orca Swim Trainer

The Orca swim trainer is great. It gives me another valuable tool to offer a child which supports them correctly in the water.

One of my swimmers was extremely anxious of being in the water and her mum also. The Orca was a perfect solution. As soon as she put it on she rapidly gained her confidence which enables her to put her face in the water and try her breathing techniques.

Russel Marsh - Parent
Orca Swim Trainers

My children started swimming much later than most so were more apprehensive about going in to water. This vest took away that anxiety by giving them something to trust whilst they concentrated on learning to swim. As a result they learned to feel safe in water and to swim remarkably well in a very short space of time.

Helen McGregor
EPIC Bizi Boxes 

So where do I start. Leo absolutely adores the bath box. Everything about it from the foam floats to the hide and squeak eggs. He's had them out every day. Such lovely activities, an easy hour in the bath with a few of the activities and plenty more to do for future baths.

Such thought and love has gone into everything about these boxes from the activities to the YouTube tutorials.

Helen is so lovely too and so quick to reply to any questions. Thank you so so much. We love it!

 EPIC Bizi boxes

The Bizi Box is bursting with fun activities and educational toys for children from 2-5 years old.

Designed to support your child's cognitive development and improve their sensory stimulation during water play and bath time.

The boxes are created by our team of educational experts to spark your child's curiosity and imagination to keep them entertained for hours, so you can relax and watch them enjoy them.


We are proud to be supporting Child Brain Injury Trust and working with families who are dealing with the devastating affects of their child having a brain injury.

The Orca swim trainer is a perfect tool to correctly support children with brain injuries whilst undergoing their rehabilitation and beyond.

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