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Why Little Fish Big Fish S.W.I.M?

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Studies have shown that if a child does not learn to swim by the time they are 7 then they will enter adulthood without ever learning. Our SWIM program encompasses the swim journey from a young baby to preschool age.

Hos is our program different?

Little Fish Big Fish has designed a Learn 2 Swim program is based on four main aspects:

S - Sensory W - Water I - Interaction M - Movement

SENSORY - Experience harmonious activities that allow all of your child's senses to explore, play, discover and learn. Create many magical memories during your swim sessions by engaging those 7 senses and making sense of the world together. WATER - A playground of fun. We take traditional dry land activities and refine them for the pool. Water is a powerful conductor of energy, feelings and emotions. It is also important to learn to be respectful of the water in order to be safe and confident. INTERACTION - Enhance communications and bonding between you and your child. Slow down and embrace this time together to become attuned and aware of each others state of mind and body. MOVEMENT - Watch and be mindful of your child's natural movements. Develop everyday skills needed in life by using the unique power of the water. The more we move, the more we learn. Balance and core strength is so important at a young age to become a strong swimmer.

Why use SENSORY orientated activities in swim lessons?

When your child's sensory needs are met they feel more relaxed and comfortable in the water therefore they learn quicker.

The water can be a challenging environment for your child and possibly for you too. Little Fish Big Fish S.W.I.M program aims to bring a harmonious approach to the lessons and I encourage you to focus on letting your child take the lead and allowing them to progress when they are ready.

Our senses are unique to us, they help us interpret the world around us, we use the water to explore, play, investigate and create providing a perfect environment for growth and development.

Enabling opportunities for children to actively use their senses as they explore their world through "sensory play" is crucial for brain development. It helps build nerve connections in the brain's pathway. This leads to a child's ability to complete more complex learning tasks and therefore, supports cognitive growth, language development, gross motor skills, social interaction and problem solving.

Our themed lessons each week provide opportunities to actively use their senses with fun and engaging activities involving touch, taste, smell, sight, hearing, body awareness and balance.

We will be incorporating music & singing, yoga, sign language and massage/touch in the lessons.

MUSIC & SINGING - Research shows exposure to music can improve children’s ability to learn. Singing favorite nursery rhymes and popular songs open up the pool for creativity and fun experiences. YOGA - There are many benefits to yoga. Yoga enhances body awareness, sparks creativity, cultivates a peaceful and relaxed state of body and mind, teaches discipline and responsibility to name a few. SIGN LANGUAGE - Teaching your child to sign gives them the tools to express their needs, lowers their frustration levels, improves your bonding and makes them feel included in their learning process. MASSAGE/TOUCH - Research reveals that routine touch and massage by a parent are critical to a baby's growth, communication and learning.

For more information about the 3 other aspects (Water, interaction and movement) that I incorporate in our lessons click here.

S.W.I.M lessons.

I offer swimming lessons at Studley, Warwickshire.

Please click here for more information to sign up for our Learn 2 S.W.I.M program.



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