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Halloween Special. Bath time fun! Water play!

Bring the season a live during bath time! If you don't have a bath - no worries these ideas are fabulous for water play too.

Water play for Halloween.

Let's talk bath time....

My son, Harry absolutely loves bath time and he can spend up to an hour (yes I have to keep topping up with hot water) in the tub. So I try to think of things and toys to use that he can go in to a magical place with his imagination and creative mind. It is also a perfect opportunity to use this time as a learning outcome too (those who know me - you can't take the educator out of me lol).

So what does Harry get engross in for Halloween?

Halloween matching game

These are an easy and cheap way to add some fun themes to bath time. Print off and laminate (glue foam on back if need be) and they float in the water for them to place on the wall or side of bath with the correct match. If you would like your free download please email me.

You can sing a song as the character comes up - "Incy windy spider..." or "Zoom, zoom, zoom, the witch is on her broom..."

You can talk about some facts about the characters - "How many legs are on a spider?", "How do spiders spin their webs?", "How many eyes do spiders have?" and so on.

You could talk about sounds - "What does a witch sounds like?", "Sound out "W-I-T-C-H", and so on.

"W" for Witch or Web

Fun educational games for bath time

I also add some fun toys that Harry enjoys that are seasonal too.

Scooby Doo, where are you?

What else can you use? These all don't have to be in the bath all at once. Just use a few, otherwise it will overwhelm them and they won't know what to play with. Adding a watering can or some cloud sprinklers are also a must.

Some that float, some that sink, some that fill up

I like adding things that they can practice their breath control and help increase their water confidence with items that go under the water or sprinkle water. The "Spooklies" (old kinder egg & sweeties) are fun as well as the mini cauldrons that they can fill and practice their breath hold and bubbles. They can lie on their bellies to blow out and even add a few (little) kicks too.

I have also used a bucket and cups to make potions. You can add food coloring to the bath too to make it even Halloweeny.

Bucket of fun

All these toys/objects can be used for water play too. Have a tuff tray or a big container you put water in or even a really big bucket will work. You can even make it in to Messy Play by adding slime or jelly or cooked spaghetti or even porridge. Or bring out the Kinetic sand. Add some eye balls (ping pong balls & draw an eye on) or fake teeth.

Go on have a play and use this time to enjoy and spend time exploring with these fun and Halloween ideas. Let me know what you do down in the comments.

Have a spootacular Halloween.

LOTS of exciting things to come so keep your eyes peeled on here.



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