S.W.I.M Zone Fundamentals
Online Course
PLUS enough games and activities for a year of teaching

If you’re a swimming teacher or swim school owner who is:


  • Wanting more time and freedom spent doing what you love?

  • Seeking new and creative ways to boost your swimming lessons?

  • Interested in a progressive and alternative learn to swim philosophy?

  • Wanting a better understanding of how children learn?

  • Looking to create exciting, engaging lessons with ease?

Then you are in the right place! 

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What the course covers

Part 1

Covers the science behind how children learn, in an easy concise way, and how you can relate it to your swim lessons.

The six modules include:

  • Learning Patterns of children for ages birth - 7 years old

  • P.O.W.E.R.ful communication and observation

  • The Power of Play

  • Memory and Movement

  • A Sensorial Approach

  • Connecting the dots between Science and Swimming

Part 2

Gives you lots of ideas, themes, games and how to set out your swim environment for learning. The guidance is age-specific so we are split this part of the course into two separate groups based on age.

It’s time to review your lessons and enhance your swim programmes.

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