Play. Learn. S.W.I.M
Framework Course

PLUS enough games and activities for a year of teaching

If you’re a swimming teacher or swim school owner who is:


  • Wanting more time and freedom spent doing what you love?

  • Seeking new and creative ways to boost your swimming lessons?

  • Interested in a progressive and alternative learn to swim philosophy?

  • Wanting a better understanding of how children learn?

  • Looking to create exciting, engaging lessons with ease?

Then you are in the right place! 

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What the course covers

Part 1

Covers the science behind how children learn, in an easy concise way, and how you can relate it to your swim lessons.

The six modules include:

  • Learning Patterns of children for ages birth - 7 years old

  • P.O.W.E.R.ful communication and observation

  • The Power of Play

  • Memory and Movement

  • A Sensorial Approach

  • Connecting the dots between Science and Swimming

Part 2

Gives you lots of ideas, themes, games and how to set out your swim environment for learning. The guidance is age-specific so we are split this part of the course into two separate groups based on age.

It’s time to review your lessons and enhance your swim programmes.

1. Register for the course

2. Watch from your home

3. Get clarity and inspiration

The next course will start in September so please register your interest by joining the waiting list.


Andrea Merlini

The course is so informative . Helen and co have so much knowledge, information, resources and experience to share . Feeling quite lucky to be part of this.
If you get the chance to take part or sign up for the next one I would highly recommend it .I feel excited about how I am going to plan/run  my lessons going forward. I have just been shopping for some new resources too and we haven't even finished all the modules yet!

Bethany Reading

I am really enjoying this and module 1 has opened my eyes on teaching the children. I like the triangle of success and as a new teacher and working in a leisure centre after observing many teachers there which all seem to follow traditional method. I will now be trying to change how I have been learnt to teach

Ella Jarvis

The SWIM Zone Fundamentals 6 week workshop has opened my eyes to all the important aspects we must consider when teaching children how to swim.  From the science behind how we teach to how we engage the children. I found it very useful and interesting. The workshop was presented very well, keeping me engaged the whole time.  I recommend it!