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The Orca swim trainer

Experience a water adventure with your Orca swim trainer.

Designed to give learners a new sense of independence with the buoyancy they need to start kicking and using their arms. The high quality soft fabric with a choice of bright, colourful designs are comfortable against your child's bare skin. A velcro strap system allows little swimmers to be secure as they are splashing and having a ton of fun in the water. 


Makes the learning journey quicker in a natural position

The Orca has been designed by a swimming expert and changes the way children learn to swim. The Wearing the Orca helps your child to enjoy the water independently for longer periods of time which will incrementally build up their strength and stamina.


Used by parents and swimming teachers around the world

Used as a teaching and training tool. The Orca works like training wheels in the water. No restrictive movements, maintaining natural swimming position and a child can experience a real feeling of swimming using their arms and legs to move around in the water.


Designed for children aged 18 months old (x-small) to 6 years old (large)

The Orca comes in 4 different sizes - X.Small, Small, Medium and Large. With 4 different vibrant and fun designs for your child to choose from. They are adjustable to fit your child snuggly, therefore they stay in one place. A size chart is available to check the correct sizing. 

What can the Orca offer your child?


The Orca has proven to take children who are struggling with face entry or movement in water to feel comfortable and able to swim unaided after time. 

Adjustable buoyancy

The Orca allows you to tailor to your child's weight to ensure the correct support. It also encourages a natural swimming position with full range of movement.

Easy to

The Orca is an all in one suit with 9 simple to remove float pads located on the chest and back area to enable maximum balance and control. 

High visibility

The Orca have a fun and bright design allowing your child to be spotted easily from a distance. Great for those busy beaches and pools. They also have straps around the shoulders and torso, so ultra safe.

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