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1 to 1 consultation with Helen our swim specialist

Helen swim expert

What do you want to ask?

Perhaps you've got something on your mind, or have a particular problem you'd like help solving or maybe you've got tons of ideas but would like to chat them through with someone who knows what you're talking about.

Now's your chance...

What ever your question is, your personal consultation is all about you and what you need. You pick the topic.

Teaching Topic ideas

  • How to incorporate themed lessons

  • How to structure a play-based lesson

  • Parent and baby/toddler lessons

  • Pre-school age lessons

  • 7+ year old lessons

  • How to design a programme for children that don't want to join a squad

  • Adult programmes

  • How can an Orca swim trainer be incorporated in your lessons

  • How do I add fun props and toys in to my lessons

Business Topic ideas

  • Starting your business, what do you need to consider?

Amplify your profits

  • How to get yourself noticed

  • How to expand your business

  • How to manage your finances


Marketing tactics that work

  • How to promote your business on social media

  • How to build a website people will want to visit

  • How to create a marketing plan to help grow your business to the next level

Not sure if this is right for you, lets have a chat

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