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MWA Swim Squad
Membership Group

Get regular support and accountability to grow your swim business, attract great customers and receive new ideas and resources.

Join our premiere community for instructors and swim owners who want to be at the top of their game.

Join MWA Swim Squad

Building a successful business can be lonely, frustrating and overwhelming at times. There are so many things you need to do, with so little time to do them in.

What if you were part of a community with like-minded people who are working towards the same goals? A community who would offer you encouragement , guidance and ideas to be the best in class.

What if you had a place to go where you knew you’d get a wealth of support to grow your business successfully and afford it.

Join MWA Swim Squad

Welcome to the MWA Swim Squad

MWA Swim Squad is a premiere membership club for swim instructors and owners who want to continually improve what they do and grow their client-base and build an amazing business.

If you are…
⮚ Struggling to pick up new ideas to refresh and update your swim lessons
⮚ Overwhelmed with the amount of information out there
⮚ Tired of..
⮚ Unsure how to attract the right customers

Joining MWA Swim Squad is the answer

Join MWA Swim Squad

What will you get?

Exclusive training and resources

You’ll have access to a growing library of training on child development, lesson planning and themes, how to grow your business with social media and much more.

Every month you’ll find new resources and training so you’ll have everything at your fingertips, just when you need it.

Live Lounge Thursday


In addition to the ongoing support you are very welcome to join a weekly chat. Here you’ll get to hear what has happened in my world over the week. And you’ll also get a chance to ask any questions and share your experiences.

Access to experts

Every other month you’ll get to hear from an expert who’s the best in their field at what they do. You’ll have a chance to ask them any questions you like. Each session is recorded so the sessions will always be available to you.

Join MWA Swim Squad

Plus, you’ll be a part of a private group where you’ll have access to me and other amazing swim instructors and owners on the same journey as you!

There’s no risk with my cancel any time policy

You can choose to come out at any time, so there’s no tie-in – this is for members who are finding genuine benefit to being a part of the squad if you aren’t then you can easily cancel your membership.

Come and join us for only £29 a month – you’ll get amazing resources, access to inspirational experts and be amongst other phenomenal instructors and owners.

P.S. The membership will always be small and exclusive, so you will be heard. The price will never go up even if it does for new members. It will remain the same as long as you’re a member.

Join MWA Swim Squad
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I am Helen Hughes with over 25 years of swimming teaching experience, and I have compiled all of my knowledge and expertise to bring you my E.P.I.C webinar and 6 week S.W.I.M Zone Fundamentals workshop. I grew a very successful swim school in Florida, USA from 2008 - 2015 and now co-own Mini Water Adventurers with my sister, Kathryn Charlton based in the UK. I was a competitive swimmer and combine my understanding of the principles of swimming with building two successful swim businesses.

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