Themed Lesson Idea Bundles

Save on time

No thinking or planning needed

Easy to implement

All the ready-made themed activities and games  help teach your children their swimming skills in a fun and engaging way. Making each lesson unique and exciting, without you having to spend time thinking about what to do - it's all been done for you!

The bundles include:

  • Activities and games ideas designed to be tailored for children ages 3 months to 7 years old.

  • Video tutorials with instructions on how to use the activities and games

  • Resources which can be printed/made and used at pool-side

  • Props - suggestions of equipment that can be used to bring the theme to live

Types of themes available are:

Under the sea | Pirates & mermaids

Farm yard | Dino habitat | Transport

Teddy bear's picnic | Disco diva | Heros

Example of  LP bundle.jpg