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About Mini Water Adventurers

My Mission

To give all children the chance to learn how to swim in a fun and stimulating way. I believe swimming is a vital life skill and I want children to experience the joy of the water, safely with a natural process. 

About Helen

I am Helen Hughes and I am the owner of Mini Water Adventurers and the designer of the Orca swim trainer.


I have been active in the swimming world since I was 11 years old. I traveled all over the UK competing and also competed for my University Team, where we were ranked in the Top 3 University swim teams in the country at the time.

For 10 years I lived in Florida, USA and built up a very successful independent swimming business, Helen's Fishes Club. 

When I moved back to the UK in 2016 I wanted to bring all my years of experience, knowledge of swimming and the art of teaching together to form Mini Water Adventurers. 

I am proud to be the designer of the Orca swim trainer which has helped hundreds of children thrive and confidently enjoy their journey learning to swim.

I have spent two decades researching and developing our Learn to SWIM philosophy which really sets us apart from other educators in the aquatic teaching space. 

It's my mission to offer an alternative programme for swimming teachers that are seeking a progressive and innovative approach.

I hope you enjoy the resources, workshops, online courses and products I have designed for you.

Enjoy your water adventure!

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