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Why choose our ONLINE Learn 2 SWIM Programme?

Time Together - A special time in the water with each other and working through the levels together.  Not every child is comfortable or enjoys going to formal swimming lessons.

Flexibility - Going to the swimming pool when it is convenient for your family. It fits around your schedule.  You do not loose money if your child is sick or on holiday.

Cost - A program that is very affordable with no ongoing subscriptions, once you buy your level you have it for life and can revisit the program multiple times. Substantially cheaper than formal swimming lessons.

Simple - Specifically designed by a highly experienced swimming teacher. Making sure that the activities suggested throughout the levels are easy and straight forward. No experience required to understand how to teach.

Playful - Learning to swim through play and exploration using fun and enjoyable skill related activities. If your child isn't water confident yet or if they are overly daring in the water these programs are perfect.

Results -  A child learns faster with a person who they know and trust. Using a progressive, child-centred approach with one-on-one attention ensures that your child's specific needs are met.

One-stop-shop - The place to go to get all your fun toys and swim wear that are recommended. You don't have to spend extra time searching as it has already been done for you.


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