The Orca Swim Trainer

Your child will learn to swim faster and be a much stronger swimming when the Orca swim trainer is used!


Benefit #1

Builds confidence and encourages independence

The trainer has adjustable straps to fit snugly around a child as they grow.

There are 9 individual float pads which allow you to customise your child's buoyancy giving them enough flotation for their ability level. The removable float pads are located on their chest and their back area to enable maximum balance and control.

They are removed one at a time, first from the back, then from the front alternating until all 9 float pads are removed. The removal of the float pads allows your child to eventually swim unaided in the natural swimming position.

Warning: The Orca swim trainer is not designed to protect against drowning, only use when your child is under constant and competent supervision. Never leave your child unattended in the water. The Orca swim trainer does not act as a lifejacket.

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