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From playing in the bath to swimming lessons in the pool.

We offer products and services for all your learn to swim needs.

For Instructors

For Parents


Teach your child to swim

Learning to swim can be one of the most rewarding life-experiences a child can have.

Mini Water Adventurers online Learn 2 Swim programmes are packed with playful and exploratory activities which engage your child and tap into their vivid imaginations.
You will confidently help them develop their swimming skills through games, songs and age appropriate activities.
We are passionate about providing you with the right guidance to help you feel comfortable to teach your child the skills to swim in a safe and positive way. From the bath to the swimming pool.

We offer:

  • Epic bath boxes

  • Guided swim sessions


Swim Teachers and Owners

We enjoy working with you to support you build your business and create exciting and dynamic lessons using the latest pedagogic and scientific theories.

We offer:

  • Free Epic webinars

  • 6-week swim courses

  • MWA Swim Squad membership

  • Themed lesson plans

  • VIP sessions and 121s

The Orca Swim Trainer


The Orca swim trainer is a perfect all in one learn to swim aid from paddler to confident.


Designed for children 18 months - 5 years old

The Orca swim trainer

Pre-order yours TODAY. 

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  • Helps your child build confidence and encourages independence in the water

  • Supports your child to swim quicker in a natural swimming position

  • Increases your child's strength and stamina

What People say

Our 5 year old absolutely loves his lessons. Fun packed learning through play with a strong emphasis put on independence and confidence in the water. Highly recommend.
Update: Recently purchased a bath box as well. A great product with lots of variety and thought gone into it. Both children now want multiple baths a day

Monika Sedlak

Great swim trainers. With them learning to swim is much easier from day 1

So where do I start. Leo absolutely adores the bath box. Everything about it from the foam floats to the hide and squeak eggs. He's had them out every day. Such lovely activities, an easy hour in the bath with a few of the activities and plenty more to do for future baths.

Such thought and love has gone into everything about these boxes from the activities to the YouTube tutorials.

Helen is so lovely too and so quick to reply to any questions. Thank you so so much. We love it!

Gary Bayfield