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Introducing the Orca Swim Trainer, the perfect companion for independent swim school owners dedicated to teaching children under 7 years old. Designed to enhance swimming skills and boost water confidence, the Orca Swim Trainer is a versatile tool that facilitates a fun and effective learning experience for young swimmers.


With the Orca Swim Trainer, instructors can create engaging and dynamic lessons tailored to the needs of each child, fostering a positive and supportive environment for skill development. Whether it's mastering basic strokes, improving breath control, or building endurance, this innovative device offers endless possibilities for teaching fundamental swimming techniques.


What sets the Orca Swim Trainer apart is its adaptability and ease of use. Its adjustable design accommodates children of different ages and skill levels, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit during every lesson. Plus, its durable construction and ergonomic design make it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, allowing instructors to incorporate swimming activities into various teaching settings.


To experience the benefits of the Orca Swim Trainer firsthand, Mini Water Adventurers is offering a special trial for just £1, which includes two units of choice (XS, S, M, & L). Take advantage of this limited-time offer to enjoy and test the Orca during swimming lessons for up to 60 days. Dive into the world of aquatic education and witness the transformational impact of the Orca Swim Trainer on young swimmers' skills and confidence.


For full terms and conditions, simply sign up and receive a welcome email with all the details you need to get started. Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionise your swim school curriculum with the Orca Swim Trainer – the ultimate tool for nurturing water-safe and proficient mini adventurers.

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