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Let's decorate our Gingerbread houses.

Christmas is the perfect time of year to include a theme about decorating gingerbread houses and gingerbread people during our swimming lessons.

Gingerbread themed swimming lesson

Gingerbread house

This is such a popular theme and use it multiple times a year.

Here is where I get the props from:

Gingerbread house:

Walls - sponges


Decorations for the house and the gingerbread people.

Oversized Pom poms

Swirl sweets - I made these myself using sparkly craft foam & plain craft foam (bows). Glue gun was used that works well in the water.

Chocolates - these are from a cute dessert tower set. You can get these from my shop.

Gingerbread people:

Gingerbread people

I got these from Hobby craft a couple of years ago and I can't find them on the website now so I have found these from Baker Ross that are very "sweet"or you can make your own by clicking the template below.

Gingerbread man
Download PDF • 2.86MB

This link will have a template you can use to print and laminate and use as a picture or use the other template to draw around and cut out using brown craft foam.

Additional props:

Silicone hearts and sweets

I also used these gorgeous silicone hearts. I have these in my shop to purchase.

The golden magical eggs are a hit and you put the smaller decorations inside.

Buckets and bowls to use as containers are very useful - they wont be rolling or spill all over poolside.

I then use the Activity idea sheet and lesson planning sheet which can be found in my brand new - Swimming Teacher Planner. See link below and download your free sheets.

Free lesson plan
Download PDF • 816KB

For more themed ideas go to: where you can find over 50+ themed ideas.

Enjoy decorating!



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