Welcome to our S.W.I.M School

We offer SWIM sessions at a private pool in Feckenham, Worcestershire.


The sessions we have available are:

Level 1 - (ages 3 months - 12  months old)

Level 2 - (ages 1 - 2 years old)

Level 3 - (ages 2 - 3 years old)

Level 4 - (ages 3 - 4 years old) Preschool

Level 5 - (ages 4 - 5 years old) Reception - after school 

Level 6 - (ages 5 - 6 years old) Key stage One - after school

Level 7 - (ages 6 - 7 years old) Key Stage One - after school

A parent or caregiver is required to be in the pool with your child at all times for ages 3 months - 4 years old. Children aged 4 years (Reception) and older will be with Helen in the water.

Full Programme - £60-64 per session per child.

Level 1 - 30 minute sessions

Level 2 - 7- 45 minute sessions

Level 4 - 7 are in small groups, no more than 4 in the pool.

An Orca swim trainer (NOW available to order) is required for sessions from Level 3.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

What does S.W.I.M stand for?


SENSORY - Experience harmonious activities which use all your child's senses to explore, play, discover and learn. Create magical memories by engaging the 7 senses and making sense of the world together.

WATER - A playground of fun. We take traditional dry land activities and refine them for the pool. Water is a powerful conductor of energy, feelings and emotions. It is also important to learn to be respectful of it in order to be safe and confident in it.

INTERACTION - Enhance communications and the bond between you and your child. Slow down and embrace this time together to become better attuned and aware of each other. 

MOVEMENT - Watch and be mindful of your child's natural movements. Develop everyday skills by using the unique power of water. The more we move, the more we learn.