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5 bath items an experienced swimming teacher does and does not recommend.

Updated: Jul 4

Here are five toys I suggest avoiding, along with alternative recommendations.

  1. Ditch the traditional SQUIRTY TOYS and replace with open ended MOULD FREE toys.

Bath toys with holes can accumulate mold over time, which is unhygienic. If water from inside these toys accidentally squirts into a child's eye, it can lead to severe irritation and require a trip to the hospital. Since these toys can't be effectively cleaned, they must be discarded.

Instead, I recommend opting for toys that are sealed and waterproof, as they can be sterilized in the dishwasher. These toys are also eco-friendly as they can be reused and enjoyed for an extended period. Additionally, they tend to foster more imaginative and creative play due to their versatility (more about this in other blog posts).

2. Throw away the BABY SEATS and get IN THE BATH with your child.

Infants naturally adore the water; it's a comforting environment akin to home, even more so than land at this stage. They should have the freedom to move, splash, kick, roll, and explore different aspects of the water. Confining them to one spot in a baby seat doesn't benefit their development.

Instead, consider joining your child in the bath. Engage in playful activities, sing songs, and share stories together. It's a wonderful opportunity for bonding and enjoying quality time together.

3. Bin the SHAMPOO CAPS and try a SUBTLE SPRINKLE instead.

Shampoo caps are not the best idea to wash your child's hair even if they are worried about shampoo stinging their eyes or really not liking the water over their heads. It really has detrimental effects when it comes to learning to do their breath control skills in swimming lessons.

It is very important from a very young age to sprinkle the water over their heads using cues and a rinser that has a soft edge to wash away the shampoo.

Yes big gushes of water and shampoo can be thought as "let;'s do this quick as possible to get it over and done with" but it doesn't , I am afraid.

(More advise on this on other blog posts).

4. Don't CHEAP OUT, spend a FEW MORE POUNDS!

You think you are getting a bargain with the wind up toys, or the machines that blow the bubbles or the water fountain toys or the water tubes but quite frankly they last 2 bath times and end up in the bin! They aren't made to last and they are quite a disappointment.

Spending a little more on silicone toys or eco friendly toys are way better. Or even toys that are quite unique but you'll have a ton of fun. I have LOADS of ideas what you can do during bath time that includes so many different cool props so look for those posts!

Also check out our shop, we have some toys you can choose from too.

5. Don't fall for the marketing tactic of gimmicky EXPLORATION TOYS, make your own fun.

There are toys on the market that advertise that these septic toys enable a child to learn and explore and create beautiful things but in reality they are just more plastic that will function for a few times and then pack in.

Why not add some things like ice cubes, or painting with colourful foam or create a magic potion by using fizz bombs. SO much more creative and way more learning goes on.

Check out our other posts about what other activities you can put together for your child to love during bath time.

That's a wrap for these 5 "I would rather choose...." there will be MORE so check those out too.

Happy splashing and don't forget to subscribe to our channel for videos and cool things for all things swim/water related.


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