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First swim session - what to expect.

It is your very first time attending Mini water Adventurers swim sessions. What should I expect?

Children's swimming

This is the first time you have attended a swim lesson or a swim session with Helen at Mini Water Adventurers.


I always advise to arrive at the facility with plenty of time (approx. 15 mins) to get ready and familiarize yourselves with the place. The first couple of times can be very daunting for a young child (& you) and you don't want to be rushed and then expect everything to run smoothly. Once you get in to a routine it will get easier the more weeks you attend.

Once changed and poolside Helen will be there to greet you. If your child is 2 years and older (Level 3) then your child is required to wear an Orca Swim Trainer. These will be poolside for you to put on (small, medium and large are available). If your child does not want to put one on initially then that's absolutely fine. This will be ready to purchase within the next couple of months.

Helen will let you know how to enter the water. Please do not enter the water before Helen. At Studley we sit first with feet in. Adult in first, then child get in safely. At Droitwich, we get in using the stairs and the adult are in first, then the child. If you require assistance getting in please let Helen know.

We then start with a Welcome Song - its the same each week so learning this would be very useful.

Helen has a different theme each week so for the next couple of minutes this is the perfect time for you and your child to get warmed up, familiarize yourself with the pool and what toys and fun things Helen has out for you. The different holds for babies will be explained so you can practice these. If there is a certain hold your child prefers please use that.

We the come back together as a group and sing a song relative to the theme of the week. Normally these have actions. Be ready to be animated and get involved. Don't worry about being a little splashed and them being a little splashed, this will make it more fun for you both.

Then the skill set activities will start. Each level has a slightly different structure to them which are relevant to your child's age and ability. Helen tried to make it as informal as possible and at ANY time you need to stop and redirect or take time out then that is absolutely fine. We use a minimal structure base so that the children become familiar with the skills so they can practice them and the formality is not intent.

The sessions are very playful and exploring in many different ways are encouraged. Tap in to your imagination so that you come back to your child's level. It is so much fun and a fabulous opportunity to bring out the inner child in you.

We then either explore the safety skills at the end or do a finishing activity.

A group exit song is sung.

Any notices are given at this point and any questions Helen can answer is happy to answer.

Our Good bye song closes the session which again is the same each week so useful to learn.

The children leave the pool first and waits for the adult to exit.

We all leave with huge smiles after having such a exciting adventure.

Please note: A child should not leave the session if they are unhappy or stressed. Helen will try in all her power to make sure that if your child is not in a good place to turn it in to a positive and provide a calm environment. She has taught hundreds of children so her expertise and knowledge is vast therefore, you are both in good hands.

This is a swim journey for the both of you to enjoy and gain many happy memories.

I hope that your first session is successful and if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact Helen anytime or ask in comments below.



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