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Going to S.W.I.M lessons for the first time?

Updated: May 12, 2021

10 Top Tips to make your life so much easier when you are going to your first swimming lesson!

10 Top Tips for 1st time to swimming lessons

10 Top Tips:

1) Pack your bags in advance so you are not rushing - as you know you'll most likely to forget something.

Suggested items to include:

Child's swimming suit/shorts

Swim nappy (cloth or throw away)

Swim nappy cover

Baby warma (I do advise for ages 3 months - 2 years old)

3x Towels (1 for you, 1 small one for floor to stand on & 1 for your child)

A pack and roll changing mat (I like this one)

Extra nappies

Your underwear (yep you'll understand when you read no.2)

Orca swim trainer (if ages 18 months - 5 years old)

Yummy treat/snacks and drink

2) Make sure you are dressed ready with your swimming costume on underneath your clothes (do not forget your change of underwear). Choose something that is easy to put on when on a countdown. I would recommend slip on shoes and loose trousers and zip up hoody or cardigan to make it a lot easier and less of a flap for you.

3) Bring an old t'shirt for you to wear over your costume - some children like to grab and you wouldn't want any accidents to happen.

4) Buy yourself a velcro wrap around towel! It is genius - I have been swimming since I was 11 years old (over 30 years ago) and I have only stumbled across this in the past year (I know crazy, right). You won't have to worry about it dropping to the floor and you getting cold. Also, if you have a baby you won't be getting them wet whilst you put their nappy on and getting your child dressed. There is even a turban towel for your hair too which is so easy as well.

5) If you have a toddler and they like carrying their own things that's perfect - get them their own swim bag. Put all their items they need (cozzie, googles, hooded towel, Orca swim trainer, toy) in theirs which means you won't have a Mary Poppins bag.

6) Use a roll and pack baby changing mat. They are brilliant - saves on an extra towel and they are quick to dry.

7) Bring a yummy treat or snack and drink for yourself and your little one. Your child can sit and eat their snack/treat whilst you get dressed. If you want to feed your baby this is the perfect time, they might possibly be hungry and tired so (with your wrap around towel on), feed and let them fall asleep. Great opportunity to put in car seat and you can dressed.

8) Bring extra layers if the weather requires them (hat, another layer etc) as they may be chilly once they have finished their lesson.

9) If your toddler has a special toy (that they don't mind getting wet), have them bring it to poolside. It's a great talking point and a distraction if needed (which I am sure you won't).

10) Bring your singing voices and inner child with you. Expect to let loose and enjoy your lessons being close to your child.

I hope these tips help and please comment below if you have any tips of your own that you would like to add.

Remember to make sure you find out from the swim school what you are required to do beforehand, during and after swimming lessons with regards to COVID guidelines. Every swim school will have different systems in place. For example - turn up to lesson "beach ready", no showering beforehand or after, wear masks, hand sanitize, no poolside spectators, only 1 adult accompanying your child, only those in a "bubble" etc etc. So just familiarise yourself with plenty of time so there are no surprises when you turn up.

I hope you enjoy your lessons.

Helen xx

* I do have an affiliation with Amazon on linked items and I only recommend these if I have tried and tested them myself.

* The Orca swim trainer is designed by myself and highly recommended (tried and tested for many years and hundreds of children).

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