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"I can do it myself"!

Do you hear this often from your preschooler? Is your child adamant that they can do everything themselves and that they don't need you? This is the case in the water too, and I see it a lot. I would like to welcome you to the Orca swim trainer can actually able them to swim and move in the pool by themselves. Yay!!!!!

What is the Orca swim trainer?

The Orca swim trainer is a perfect all in one learn to swim aid from paddler to confident swimmer ideal for infants to pre-school age. It is an easy to wear swim aid that can be tailored to each child’s individual needs.

It’s a unique design and is available in 3 different sizes (Small, Medium and Large) and 4 different prints (pink/purple, Blue, turquoise and black).

Orca swim trainer - Pink/Purple print. Front.

Orca swim trainer - Pink/Purple. Back.

Orca swim trainer - Pink/Purple. Side (adjustable straps).

Designed to build confidence, leaves your child’s legs arms and legs free to move efficiently and supports the natural swimming position.

The Orca swim trainer has 9 removable float pads safely located in pockets on the chest and back. The float pads are removed one at a time to suit your child’s buoyancy level and swimming development. It has adjustable straps that will fit snugly around your child.

Orca swim trainer - pink/purple. Front float pad pocket.
Orca swim trainer - Pink/purple. Back float pad pocket.

As a swim teacher with over 25 years experience and a mother, I designed The Orca swim trainer that works so well as a helping hand for your child to learn to swim. I have seen so many children try and work so hard to only move a little distance and those that are lacking in confidence and are anxious around water afraid to move much. The Orca swim trainer is designed to encourage confidence, independence, strength, and endurance all at the same time as well as having a ton of fun in the water.

The Orca swim trainer offers adjustable buoyancy which your child won't be overly conscious of being slowly decreased over time so they can focus on swimming skills and enjoying themselves while their ability develops.

Improvement requires practice. Often non swimmers learn poor fundamentals from the start which in turn leads to bad habits which are hard to break. Using the Orca swim trainer graduation system maximise practice time giving your child the opportunity to practice properly.

Progression chart whilst using the Orca swim trainer.

The Orca swim trainer enables a non swimmer to practice a skill that they could otherwise not perform or perform at little success that the practice time would considerably reduced.

The float pads are removed in sequence when the swimmer is demonstrating proficient skills. There needs to be enough flotation so proper body position is achieved but not so much that your child doesn't have to work to get from point A - point B.

Your child will learn to swim quicker when the Orca swim trainer is used correctly.

Provides a peace of mind for you and your child as they learn to be a confident swimmer and helps them to enjoy the water for longer each time you go swimming. Ideal for family fun sessions and great to take on holiday.

How do I buy one?

If you would like to order your very own Orca swim trainer they are on pre-order.

Prints available are:


Sizes available:

Small - ages 2-3 year olds 20-35lbs

Medium - ages 3-4 year olds 35-55lbs

Large - ages 4-5 years old 55-75lbs

If you have any queries on the sizing please check with sales team



If you are a swim school and looking for an innovative way of teaching your swimmers then look no further. Contact the sales team to become one of our ambassadors.

Happy swimming.



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