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Embark on an aquatic journey filled with laughter, learning, and lively activities as I introduce the delightful world of water to your little ones. Within this book you will witness the magic of water adventurers by exploring fun-filled games and activities that make every splash a moment of joy. Perfect for captivating those toddlers and preschoolers with wiggly bottoms.


Enjoy 10 most popular themed songs (80+), activities and games (6+ per theme), plus storybook themes (x5). 284 pages in total.


As parents, caregivers, and educators, join me in making a splash into the world of aquatic fun, where each page is a gateway to exploration, education, and the sheer joy of learning to swim. "Swimming, songs and smiles" is not just a book; it's a celebration of childhood, growth, and the boundless wonders of water adventures for the little ones in your life.


There is an accompanying resource pack that works alongside this book. It has all of the printables that are specified in the book. This is an additional charge.

Aquatic Adventures for Tots Book

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