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Are you a dedicated swimming instructor eager to take your teaching to the next level? Join our exclusive workshop series and revolutionise your approach to teaching children how to swim.


Throughout the workshop, we'll unlock different dimensions of swimming education tailored to children, emphasising not just stroke mastery but also the broader concept of Water Wisdom.


Here are the topics (subject to change):


  • Laying a strong foundation for the 8 different types of children.


  • The environment playing an important role in the success of lessons.


  • Building your EPIC kit bag - 5 activities that are the children's favourite.


  • Understanding behavioural patterns by observation. What coping strategies can be used?


  • The more the child moves the more learning goes on. Why water wisdom is top of the list.


  • Misconception of using training aids. Why is it that swimming seems to be conducted different than any other sport?


Don't miss this opportunity to join us in shaping the next generation of confident, competent, and water-wise swimmers.


Once you have registered an email will be sent to you with the 5 different workshops.

International learn to swim week

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