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Suitable for ages 18 months old - 3 years old.


Please check the sizing chart first before ordering. Please note that the Orca needs to be at the size of your child now not for them to "grow in to". There are adjustable straps at the sides and over the shoulders to accomodate for growth.

Orca Swim Trainer - X-SMALL

  • Warning

    The swim trainer is not designed to protect against drowning. Only use when your child is under constant and competent supervision. NEVER leave your child unattended in the water.

    The Ocra swim trainer does not act as a life jacket.

  • Delivery

    Please allow 5-7 days to arrive. I am hand packing and sending them to you and I will send a notification when your Orca is on it's way. There is a pick up option too.

  • Colours

    There are 2 NEW colours - Red scales and Purple mermaid.

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