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Dive into Fun with Our Play and Swim Mini Course! It's only £1!


Calling all swimming instructors and parents! Are you ready to transform your swimming lessons into a playful adventure?


Join our Play and Swim Mini Course and learn how to make every splash count!


🔹 What You'll Learn:

  • The power of play in child development.
  • How to integrate playful elements into swimming lessons.
  • Inspiration from play pioneers like Froebel, Montessori.
  • Understanding and using schematic play.
  • Practical strategies to start using right away!

🌟 Why Join?

  • Create engaging and joyful learning experiences.
  • Foster creativity, problem-solving, and social skills in young swimmers.
  • Make swimming lessons an adventure that kids will love!


The FULL course will be emailed to you.

Play & Swim Basic Course

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