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Here are over 65 exercises that you can pick and choose from to create your own programme.


Power H2o is an amazing programme for children that are 8+ years and can comfortably swim 50m frontcrawl and backstroke are able to swim atleast 25m the other 2 strokes.

It truly is unique - having a mix of aquatic movements, land exercises and swimming sets makes this programme exciting, the children absolutely love it as each week it is different. 

You can also offer this to adults as a Power H2o Bootcamp style session which will hit all their muscles and keeps them coming back for more!!!!


I used to offer this programme in Florida and I charged $159 for 8 sessions or $235 for 16 sessions per person with 6-8 in a class - total HUGE amounts of earnings. 


The exercises are not tricky to carry out but the combination of them is SO EFFECTIVE!!!


Let's keep the children interested in swimming by offering them something that will keep them looking forward to their next sessions!


An 8 session Programme has already been done for you if you'd rather just laminate and take to poolside tomorrow! For only £197.

Power H2o exercises chart - mix and match

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