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12 water safety games and activities 

Printable resources that you can use as templates or print and laminate and use right away.


I am giving this away for FREE to bring awareness the importance of water safety and to promote Water Wisdom.


Water Wisdom  vs Just Swimming Skills


Learning the four swimming strokes and basic survival is important, but growing in water wisdom makes you a smart swimmer!


1. Safety First: Understand different water environments, recognize hazards, and take preventive measures.

2. Smart Decisions: Assess risks, make informed choices, and handle emergencies effectively.

3. Lifelong Skills: Adapt and thrive in any water setting, from pools to oceans.

4. Respect Nature: Protect water bodies and promote safe, responsible swimming.

5. Stay Confident: Build composure and overcome water-related fears.


Embrace water wisdom and swim smart, safe, and sustainably!

Complete the Water Wisdom workshop:


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