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COVID - 19 activities Wednesday 15th April 2020

Water Sensory Wednesdays.

Mini Water Adventurers Water Sensory Activities

Sing along Bath Bag. Can be used at bath time or at any time on dry land too.

Items needed: Up to 10 toys/objects Bag to put them in Song sheets if needed

What you do: Children are invited to remove an object from the bag and they hold/play with it as you sing a chosen relevant song together. I have posted a couple of examples below but of course you could have some other objects that your child is interested in at the moment. It's lots of fun and your children are learning lots of skills through song and play.

These are the objects my son and I chose and the songs to sing alongside.

Let me know below how you liked this activity. Which songs did you choose to sing with the objects you picked.

Next activity is on Friday - Funtastic Messy Play. Click here for all my blogs.



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